sacra collective

A collaboration with Teresa Braun, sacra collective is a performance duo that explores the manifestation of “the sacred” in private and public spaces. sacra creates techno-shamanistic, interactive rituals that facilitate transformation within participants by challenging notions of self in a socio-political context, problematizing ideas of belonging, and questioning belief systems.
Through rituals and performances, sacra creates spaces for ontological study of relations between technology and humanity, challenging binary notions of humans versus technology. Often technology is manifested in ritual objects and becomes an active participant, facilitating human transformation and connection.
sacra rituals are heavily invested in process philosophy and typically involve a group of participants, who witness transformation within one another via rites akin to initiation, communion and confession, thus creating micro-communities. These communities subsequently foster dialogues among participants. Themes emerge surrounding the senses, pain, loss, and love, and often evolve into conversations about pressing social issues, injustices, and shared experiences.

  • roleConcept, Performance, Fabrication
  • mediumMixed media, performance
  • Year2016...
  • ExhibitionMetafears, Eyebeam Hackshop
    Temple of Taste and Remembrance, Swale
    , she took me back so tenderly, , Rhizome DC