• Year:2018... ongoing
  • Team:Ayodamola Tanimowo Okunseinde, Alonso Castro, Yvette King
  • Role:

    Concept, Design, Technology

Provisions is a speculative test kitchen and culinary experience that explores the way “home” is made through food, memory, and elements of futurity. The installation takes West African Diaspora narratives, Diasporic food ingredients, and non-traditional culinary methods to construct meals. The test kitchen is the first research location of a food experience to trigger dialogue and discussion on how food anchors and maintains cultural connections to home as we transect temporal, metaphysical, and/or geographic spaces.

During an hour long session participants (6-8) dine on novel food courses while discussing their own cultural relationships to food and ingredients. Participants also experiment with creating their own simple courses via molecular gastronomy. The dinner opens discussion on how “we" know the world and how we make home from food through the construction of narratives related to ideas of home & culture.