The Rift: An Afronaut's Journey

The Rift: An Afronauts Journey is an Afrofuturist sci-fi time-space travel narrative and performance by Ayodamola Okunseinde. The speculative narrative follows the expeditions of Dr. Tanimowo, an Afronaut from the future, who travels back in time collecting archeo-biological artifacts in hopes of finding the reasons for the collapse of his culture. The Afronaut constructs his suit of african patterned fabric and other materials available to him in his current time-space.

  • roleConcept, Fabrication, Programming
  • mediumFabric, Raspberry Pi, Expanding foam
  • Year2015...
  • ExhibitionDesigning Multiplicity, Afrofuturism Conference ­'15
Project Site Afronaut Suite
The Rift: An Afronaut’s Journey.
The Afronaut on expedition.
The Afronaut on expedition.

The Afronaut on expedition.